Making of

There are certain ideas that have something special from the outset which makes them contagious. We particularly cherish these, the more complex and challenging the projects the better. They force us to trust our intuition, build new creative relationships and see us grow as a design firm.

One such project, which has seen us venture out of our comfort zone and into uncharted creative territory is the Funny Farm project.

The project arose from our admiration for Isidro Ferrer, a very talented designer and winner of Spain´s most prestigious design awards, The National Design Award.

Isidro had consulted with the development of the LZF logo in 2008 which had lead to an unspoken accord based on a mutual respect for each others creations, methods of working and overall creative processes.

So, trusting our intuition and acting on feelings alone we recontacted Isidro.

There were no expectations in the phone call to Isidro Ferrer, just an open invitation to develop ideas. A collaborative think tank, a brief-less project void of conditions and with absolute freedoms. He accepted instantly and so begun a very special collaboration which even now we have only begun to scratched the surface of.

Isidro – “On the one hand, I knew right away that I would use wood to reflect the richness of the colours of LZF’s lamps. On the other hand, I was looking to develop something unique and original, something completely different from what LZF had been doing up until then. I began to experiment with the shape and the look of their lamps, playing with small wooden pieces inspired by the morphology of their products.”

This experimentation led to the creation of a peculiar and quirky family (the best ones always are in our opinion). Made up of nineteen wooden animals including a monkey, a fish with legs, an elephant and a rabbit amongst others, Funny Farm was created.  

Working hand in hand with Carlos Mur, a talented craftsman responsible for the modeling of the imaginative figures, Isidro Ferrer presented the project to us.

Marivi and Sandro recall the moment. “We instantly loved the family of animals, feeling their potential to carry on into other projects. We concluded that, since our work had provided Isidro with the inspiration to create these beautiful and unique creatures, we now wanted to see what inspiration we could now draw from them and see where we would be led”.