Isidro Ferrer



Universal passport



Atomic Ant, Octo, Grumpy Goat and the rest of them were there, each in their Sapelli, Spanish Cedar, African Ebony, Black Hyedua, Pequia, African Padauk skin. They were there with their two feet on the ground and an air of mischief, with an impatient expression on their faces. Half of them wanted to go out into the world; the rest of them wanted the world to come to them. The only thing missing was their visiting card. 


Isidro Ferrer photographed them all; noted down their main physical details: height, skin colour; added the 100% FSC certificate and put together a notebook which started to look a lot like a passport, which is what any individual requires to travel the world. 


A Passport is a serious thing, full of signatures, certificates, coats of arms. The Funny Farm inhabitants aren’t so serious. Isidro Ferrer thought that if their first passport was to be useful to cross real borders, a second passport could allow them to travel across imaginary territories. And so it was that he asked writer Grassa Toro to invent a personality for each character which he would draw them into action. 



The result is not two Passports, like in spy movies; but rather a double Passport, like in comical spy movies.