About us

Funny Farm is one of those wonderfully curious and quirky projects that LZF does so well. The brainchild of Isidro Ferrer, this award-winning artist excels at being truly unconventional. Several years ago, LZF invited Ferrer to develop an idea and a project—there was no specific objective, no pursuit of profit. Playing with the many and varied shapes of LZF’s lamps and some small wooden pieces inspired by their form, Ferrer created the ‘Funny Farm’. Reflecting on the inception of the Funny Farm project, he recalls: ‘Despite what design manuals say, an assignment does not necessarily arise from need; sometimes it does not even seek to find the solution to a problem. An assignment arises from a hunch or a whim. The Funny Farm project is born in a moment of shared joy, its development activated by complicity and trust.’